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Aloha Sunrise Granola

Hibiscus Pineapple Granola

Hibiscus Pineapple Granola

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Indulge in a tantalizing fusion of tropical flavors with our Artisan Hibiscus Pineapple Granola. Handcrafted with care, each batch is a symphony of crunchy oats, tangy hibiscus petals, and succulent pineapple pieces, creating a delightful harmony for your taste buds. Whether sprinkled over yogurt, enjoyed as a standalone snack, or savored with milk, this granola elevates your breakfast routine to a blissful experience. Dive into a bowl of pure tropical bliss with every bite of our Artisan Hibiscus Pineapple Granola.  

10 oz of Hibiscus Pineapple Granola packed in a resealable stand-up pouc

Ingredients: *Love, *whole grain rolled oats, **wilelaiki honey, *coconut oil, sliced almonds, *pumpkin seeds, *sunflower seeds, *hemp hearts, *dried pineapple, *hibiscus flower, **vanilla extract, **pa’akai (Hawaiian sea salt).  

(*organic ingredient, **local ingredient) 


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