Our Story

I know how hard it is to find a granola that is truly healthy. Most of what I found contained processed sugar, preservatives, and was often made with genetically modified or treated ingredients that were grown with pesticides. As a result, I was never a fan of granola until I learned how to bake my own.

I choose flavorful ingredients that are not only essential to your health, but taste amazing when eaten alone or paired with a variety of other delicious foods!

Here at Aloha Sunrise Granola, we bake mindfully with love, using organic, local, and natural ingredients. Our purpose is to provide our health-conscious consumers with a high quality, fresh, and tasty granola that is chemical-free and made using sustainable practices.

If this is your first time visiting our site, try our 3 oz sizes to get a taste of the flavors we offer! Or, contact us at (808)465-2380 to speak to us during our bakery hours, if you have any questions about our granola, shipping, and more. We can also be reached at hello@alohasunrisegranola.com.

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